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Learn about the technology behind the devices we use and immerse yourself in the history of different media and their developments. Use your smart phone to take a closer look at the technology of a cathode ray tube or view the details of the lateral track in the surface of a shellac record. You can also have a brief encounter with the Queen at the SDR outside broadcast van while listening to the original transmission of her visit to Schwäbisch Hall in 1965. Another highlight is the presentation of historic occupations like that of a telegraph worker. Watch him nimbly climb the telegraph pole in the exhibition. You can download the app at TECHNOSEUM using our WiFi access or come prepared, having downloaded it at home before your visit. The content is streamed via beacons on site. Watch for markers on objects in the exhibition "Mediengeschichte" to use the augmented reality and 3D effect offerings. Our TECHNOscouts are happy to help. Enjoy your visit!