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Everything you ever wanted to know about KangaROOS: this is the place to get all the information on the Original Shoes with Pockets! Download our app and jump into our social media channels, read ROOS news from all over the world, and get to know how we work. Digitally visit our unique shoe manufactory: We’ll take you on a tour to see the only real sneaker production in Germany. Witness how our styles are designed and handcrafted by a highly skilled team using only the finest materials to create outstanding sneakers "made in Germany“. Interested in our history? Our heritage comes a long way: Bob Gamm founded KangaROOS back in 1979 in Boston. Bring some time, we got a lot to show and tell. You’ll be among the first to know what happens next, what collabs are ready to be dropped, what partners we teamed up with, and what projects we’re working on. We have tons of background insights for you. Get it all here. A one of a kind experience. We truly hope you like it. Yours Team KangaROOS Bernd Hummel GmbH, Pirmasens, Germany