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With the shoutr.App we demonstrate the varied applications of the shoutr.System. Try one of these modules of the shoutr.System yourself: - Augmented Reality - Project “Inclusion” - Multimediaguides How to try markerbased augmented reality: - Visit our website shoutr​ ​labs is an innovative and experienced company from Berlin. shoutr labs received a CeBIT Innovation Award (2014) and the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg (2016). The company offers specialized multimedia solutions based on "Bring Your Own Device" for clients from the museum and exhibition sector as well as companies of the private sector. With the shoutr.System shoutr labs enables the streaming of extensive multimedia data on the mobile devices of the visitors of exhibitions, booths or showrooms etc. The team uses the shoutr.System to provide the technical infrastructure (Wi-Fi mesh network) and implements the design of multimedia applications for the browser or native app. Also integrated are forward-looking technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality as well as the classic formats of text, image, sound and video. The system can be used both indoors and outdoors. Since the data is loaded "on demand", the shoutr.Apps are very small compared to conventional apps.